Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam Hotels .. from USD 120

The Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam is a 4 star accommodation in Dar Es Salaam with amazing facilities including great venue for Business Meetings and Conferences and for accommodation as well, celebrating Special Events and, of course, as a place to stay while you are on vacation Holiday trip in Tanzania

The property is Located in Dar es Salaam CBD just 15 minutes from the Airport, 5 minutes from the Ferry Port, and few yards from the main road arteries through the city and beyond, the Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam is ideally located for easy access. The hotel is superb for private VIP's meeting.

From the Rooftop Restaurant of the hotel you can gaze out across the Indian Ocean, from the state-of-the-art Conference Suites you can change the course of your business, and from the lavishly 124 designed Rooms, you can walk-up the next morning refreshed from a great night’s sleep.

A good deal of thought and effort goes into making sure that the guests feel safe and secure in the hotel, therefore we have a permanent security presence and excellent relationships with the local emergency services. We also have in-room safes, double locking doors, security chains and key card entry to all rooms, and an in-hotel ATM for safer cash withdrawals, all for your peace of mind.

Key Hotel Facilities
- Front Desk manned 24 hours a day
- Room service available 24 hours a day
- The city’s only Helipad on the roof
- Security force on permanent duty
- Complimentary Wi-Fi for all residents (unlimited for some)
- On-site Parking
- 124 Rooms and Suites
- 4 Restaurants and Cafés (including a Rooftop Bar)
- 5 state-of-the-art Meeting/Conference rooms
- Executive Lounge
- Fully equipped Gym
- Plunge Pool
- Smoking and Non-smoking rooms