Gombe Forest Lodge in Gombe National Park

After a hard day of climbing hills tracking Chimpanzees, Gombe Forest Lodge is the perfect place to wind down, be pampered and re-energized for your next adventure

Situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Gombe Forest Lodge has been designed with every comfort in mind, whilst minimizing the disturbance and impact of such a stunning environment. The lodge maximize conservation and lower disturbance to the natural environment in the design and operation of our camp, yet concurrently excel in luxury and service; the only tented camp in the Park, used exclusively by our clients.

Accommodation in Tents:
The lodge has spacious 8 luxury double tents, set on wooden platforms are shaded by huge mango trees along the lakeshore, each tent featuring a writing desk and en-suite facilities with hot and cold running water. Sitting in the Uvivu chairs outside your tent you can view the deep blue waters of Lake Tanganyika with the orange-red sunsets outlining the Congo Mountains and silhouettes of local fishermen setting their lanterns to illuminate the lake like fireflies during the darkest of nights.

After a hard day of climbing hills tracking Chimpanzees, Gombe Forest Lodge is the perfect place to wind down, be pampered and re-energised for your next adventure.

Season ............Period................Single...........Double..........Triple....
..Low.......01/Jan/08-31/Dec/08.......US$ 00........US$ 000.....US$ 000
..Mid.......01/Jan/08-31/Dec/08........US$ 00........US$ 000......US$ 000
..High......01/Jan/08-31/Dec/08........US$ 00........US$ 000......US$ 000

Chimpanzee Tracking:
Chimpanzee tracking is the main attraction at Gombe and is always given a high priority. Tracking usually begins early in the morning, with the Guides usually starting at the area where the Chimpanzees nested the previous night and tracking from there. Tracking Chimpanzees at Gombe can take from half an hour to about three hours depending on where the Chimpanzees are located. Chimpanzees move in search of fruit, and are never far away if there’s an abundance of fruit nearby.

Climbing to Kakombe & Mkenke Waterfalls
Kakombe and Mkenke are two spectacular waterfalls found within Gombe National Park. Kakombe is approximately a 30 minute walk from camp, and Mkenke around a one hour climb. You will often pass these falls when tracking Chimpanzees. We normally go into the forest for Chimpanzee tracking in the morning and come back for lunch. In the afternoon there are many options, depending on how energetic you feel. Choose between further Chimpanzee tracking, walking on the beach and swimming. It is also possible to visit local fishing villages close to the park and get first hand experience of life in a typical African village.

Travel from Kigoma to Gombe on our expeditious boats. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes to an hour depending on the type of boat used and weather and lake conditions. The boat journey is most exhilarating, passing through fishing villages and scenic hills before reaching the park. During morning departures you have the opportunity to see fishermen returning in their boats after a night of fishing.