Saadani Safari Lodge

Saadani Safari Lodge is small and exclusive lodge with just nine tented cottages strung out along the beach. Saadani National Park covers 1000sq km and is a unique wilderness in a wonderful location within one of Tanzania’s most varied wildlife conservation areas. Here beach, bush and river come together in a colourful clash of ecosystems found nowhere else on the coast of East Africa.

In the Wami River, hippo and crocodile are prolific, literally a stone’s throw from the open sea. Cats and plains game are plentiful and elephants have even been seen on the beach. The coastline stretches to the horizon in both directions and turtles and dolphins are often seen around the sand island offshore.

The lodge itself is small and exclusive with just nine tented, grass-roofed cottages strung out along the beach.

* Saadani Safari Lodge accommodation 9 cottages
* Location of Saadani Safari Lodge Saadani National Park, Southern Tanzania
* Getting to Saadani Safari Lodge 9.5hr international flight, 20min charter flight.
* Children at Saadani Safari Lodge Children over 6 years welcome but no facilities except babysitting.
* Facilities Pool
* Free activities Game drives, river and sea safaris, village visits
* Paid activities One activity per day is included.
* Weather Best from Jul to Mar, hot from Jan to Mar