Volunteer Kilimanjaro Kisangara Msafiri School

Volunteer Kilimanjaro in Kisangara Village at Msafiri English Medium Primary School. Get experience; make a difference and turn others dream onto reality, the opportunity to experience a new culture and make a difference, then the Foot of Mount Kilimanjaro is your ideal and best destination. You will be teaching in a school in a village of Kisangara, in the countryside, surrounded by hills on one side and endless plains picturesque featured by sisal farms and local farmers along the base of Mountain Arc at Msafiri English Medium Primary School in Kisangara Village. This destination is also very close to the home of wildlife, Northern gate way to the Famous Tanzania Wildlife areas, which are Kilimanjaro National Park, Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Great Serengeti National Park.

Trip Info

You will undoubtedly experience a bit of nature, wildlife, habit and habitat of the fauna and flora in the natural areas, greatly peoples and culture during your time as a volunteer teacher here.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

Teach English at Msafiri English Medium Primary School and share your interests like art, sports, music skills with children in school

Your volunteer role:
In this year 2014 the project is based on teaching in many areas. You will be helping at a well established school situated a short walk, ride 1km from the highway Moshi, Dar es Salaam road. The school has 250 students under 8 full time staff, so a help from volunteers is hugely necessary. As a volunteer teacher here you will have the chance to really influence these children’s lives.

Normal curriculum is taught until 2.30pm and after that you have the chance to teach something that you are especially interested in. It can be football, music or painting, as long as you bring the relevant materials you can use this time to teach whatever you like… within reason! Volunteer input and enthusiasm here is important for creating an enjoyable school experience and enabling children the chance to do something they wouldn’t normally do. So this is a time when you can really help make a difference by sharing your knowledge, experience and passion. Be sure to think about what you could bring to this time and plan well so that you can take the right items and equipment with you.

Your experience:
Kilimanjaro region is our popular Volunteer travel destination; you will be staying with other volunteers in the school houses situated in a peaceful school compass, on the foot of Mount Kindoroko. You can make some holiday safari tours to visit wildlife areas mentioned above on your weekend breaks

Prices: Based on per person
Weekly USD 560
Monthly USD 2110

What is included and Not included? see below! :


Volunteering in teaching is the BEST GIFT once you offer it to someone, Touches GOD, it is equals as to give someone a key to success. Come and volunteer in Kilimanjaro Region, Kisangara Village at Msafiri English Medium Primary School.
Get experience, make a difference and turn others dream onto reality, the opportunity to experience a new culture and make a difference

Package Includes:

- Accommodation during your volunteering at school
- Teaching tools
- Three meals a day
- Welcome Pack
- Guided Mount Kindoroko trekking
- Guided visit Nyumba ya Mungu Dam
- Guided Visit GONJA village

Package Excludes:

(But we are happy to assist you with)
- International and Local Flights
- Visa and Travel insurance fee
- Local Transport, Tours and Travel (can be arranged)
- Vaccination
- Personal Expenses